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Stay the Course Thumbnail

Stay the Course

2021 is underway, as our nation and the rest of the world look to begin to put the global pandemic behind us. The path forward for the US economy, as well as that of the global economy, will continue to depend heavily on the success of combatting the virus.

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Income Now Vs. Income Later: Dividend Investing Thumbnail

Income Now Vs. Income Later: Dividend Investing

Part of any sound investment strategy is investing for income. Income now for those who are retired and income later for those who are in the accumulation stage of life. There are various ways to address this, including real estate, annuities, and bonds among them. There is another form of income investing that you might not have considered; dividends.

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How Much Should I Have Saved at Age 40? Thumbnail

How Much Should I Have Saved at Age 40?

We all know how important it is to save for retirement, but how do we know if we are on track to meet our savings goals? We can use these rules of thumb to check our progress and adjust if needed.

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No 401(k)? Thumbnail

No 401(k)?

Only about 60% of American workers have the option to invest in a 401(k). Despite this discrepancy in access, the importance of saving for retirement using a tax-advantaged account remains. If you are someone without 401(k), it is important to explore alternatives.

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What is a Stock Split? Thumbnail

What is a Stock Split?

Last month, Apple's stock split helped crash the popular trading platform Robinhood. Stock splits do not matter when you are investing for the long-term. Ignore the hype and follow your overall financial plan.

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Common 401(k) Matching Mistake Thumbnail

Common 401(k) Matching Mistake

This is a common 401k matching mistake. You should review the language of your 401k each year. Subtle changes in policy and the language can greatly impact your finances.

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