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CDs: Certificate of Depreciation Thumbnail

CDs: Certificate of Depreciation

CDs are often touted as a safe way to invest. In order to be a successful investor, we must mitigate risk. Therefore, wouldn't investing in something as safe as a CD would be a good investment decision? Not so fast.

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The Currency of Today is Time Thumbnail

The Currency of Today is Time

When you manage your money correctly, it can help you buy time. Time has a funny impact on money too. The longer you wait to create a financial plan, the harsher time will treat you.

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A Microwave Versus a Slow Cooker Thumbnail

A Microwave Versus a Slow Cooker

There is no workaround. There is no way to game the system. There is no microwave. Planning and time are essential to investing. Also throw in a little help from a trusted Certified Financial Planner™!

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What the Wealth?! Thumbnail

What the Wealth?!

What the Wealth?! breaks down the complexities of money. This book makes personal finance easy to understand and provides actionable steps that when put together, will give you a financial plan that covers every stage of life.

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Get Organized Thumbnail

Get Organized

We wish everyone much success with their 2020 goals; financial and otherwise. Happy New Year!

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Moving Mountains Thumbnail

Moving Mountains

Working with a CFP® can help you start your financial plan; whether you are nearing retirement age or have decades ahead of you. It’s never too late to start moving mountains.

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What Is an Investment Policy Statement? Thumbnail

What Is an Investment Policy Statement?

There is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” financial plan. We all have different financial needs and goals. A good CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ understands that; but none of them can read your mind. How can you, the client, efficiently communicate your goals to your CFP® for them to create the best financial plan for you?

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