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Get a Handle on Your Student Loans

Your college years may be long behind you but your student loans may still be staring you in the face. In fact, when measured on a dollar basis, the biggest increase in student loan debt is among those age 30 to 39. That group has $461 billion in student loan debt. On a percentage basis, the amount of student loan debt in that age group has increased by 30.2% in the past five years.

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Are You Making This 401(k) Mistake?

Most people tend to think that front-loading their 401k is ideal, because you take advantage of tax-deferred contributions early in the year then have a bigger paycheck towards end of the year. For example, by November 1, you’ve met your yearly-max, so for the rest of the calendar year, your biweekly paycheck is slightly larger because you’re no longer contributing to your 401k.

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Envelope Budgeting

Budgeting isn’t meant to be frightening; it’s meant to make your financial future more secure. Traditional budgets usually don’t work. Life gets in the way and unless you are super strict and financially nerdy, it’s not interesting. The two styles of budgeting I recommend are the envelope system and the zero-based budget. This blog will focus on the envelope system.

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