What the Wealth?!

What the Wealth?!

I love my job. I love listening to my clients and learning what hopes/dreams they have for their families. I love working closely with them to create a plan that will help them pursue their goals. But the part of my job I love the most is demystifying personal finance for my clients. 

Sometimes when people come to me, I can sense how confused and intimidated they are. It’s not surprising that people often feel that way. They have big goals that require a lot of money. How can anyone possibly save enough money to do things like to buy a home, start a business, send their children to college, or live a comfortable retirement?

The Issues

Issues concerning money are often presented in a way that seems determined to make people think it’s in a foreign language. The best part of my job is clarifying money for these folks and helping them create a plan that if adhered to, their dreams could potentially come true. What once seemed impossible is now simple to address. It’s nothing more than a series of steps that when taken, create a larger picture. 

How It Began

However, I’m just one person and have a family of my own. I can’t possibly reach as many people as I would like. Or can I?

That question is how What the Wealth?! was born. While I cannot reach tens of thousands of people in person, I can reach them through a book. Therefore, I decided to write one! 

I wrote What the Wealth?! to help people whom I’ll never have the opportunity to work with make intentional money decisions that will allow them to take control of their money and their futures. I wrote this book to break down the barriers around personal finance. 

What the Wealth?! A Guide to Financial Clarity for Professionals and Families breaks down the complexities of money. This book makes personal finance easy to understand and provides actionable steps that, when put together, will give you a financial plan that covers every stage of life.

The Book Details

In the book we’ll cover:

  • How to create and stick to a budget
  • The importance of an emergency fund, how much you need, and how to accumulate one
  • How to kill debt once and for all
  • How to define your financial goal
  • How to navigate family relationships when it comes to financial issues
  • Investing for your goals
  • Retirement investing
  • Knowing your financial numbers
  • How to hire financial help
  • Redefining retirement for a new generation 
  • How you can save for your children’s college education
  • Estate planning
  • Insurance coverage

We have just entered the second decade of the 21st century. Isn’t it about time we brought money matters out of the dark and into the light? What the Wealth?! will be available January 2020 in both paperback and digital form on Amazon. 

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