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Be Confident About Your Retirement

Our method is designed to give you confidence and clarity throughout the financial planning process.

We understand that these are important and challenging decisions. It is important for us to provide you with a framework so you can know what to expect.

Before we start, remember:

NO Obligation

We don’t want to rush you into these decisions. The introductory process will help you determine if we can help.

The BIG THREE Answers

We respect your time and want to give you useful answers about your financial future.


1. Introductory Call

  • We will give you a 15-minute phone call at your convenience. This helps us get a better feel for your situation.
  • If we aren’t compatible, we will point you in the direction of a firm that fits your needs.

2. Prepare Information

  • We want to paint an accurate picture of your situation. Bringing applicable documents and statements to your first meeting will help us do so.
  • We will provide you with a checklist of items to bring. It is okay if you do not have all of these documents. We also understand that you may not feel comfortable sharing this information with us yet, which is perfectly fine.

3. First Meeting - Getting Acquainted

  • This time together will help us get a deeper understanding of your goals, needs, and concerns. You are not expected to make any decisions yet.
  • This allows us to get a sense of what work we need to do to make you successful. We want you leaving this meeting feeling more comfortable with us and our process.

4. Second Meeting - Answering Your Questions

  • After analyzing your situation, we will provide you with answers and action steps.
  1. Am I in a good financial position to reach my goals?
  2. What do I need stay/get on track?
  3. Is there room for improvement in my investments?
  • Hopefully, this leaves you with a concrete understanding of your position. The financial planning process takes time, so don’t worry if you still have questions. These will be answered in due time.

5. Ask Yourself

  • Before you drop the hammer, consider these questions:
  1. Do I trust/respect the team at Paradigm?
  2. Are they beneficial to me?
  3. Do I understand their investment philosophy?
  4. Do their recommendations make sense?

6. Third Meeting – Get Started

  • At this point, we will ask in-depth questions to make sure we fully understand your objectives. Feel free to bring along family members if you would like them to be involved in the process.
  • If you are ready, we will start the client paperwork. We will also leave you with some homework, which we hope will pay off in the long run.