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Ep #24: Holiday Heart-to-Heart  Thumbnail

Ep #24: Holiday Heart-to-Heart

Today’s episode won’t be a normal show.  I just wanted to wish you all happy holidays and throw in a little reminder to not forget about what’s truly important this year. It’s so easy to get busy with work or errands that need to be run, or tasks that need to be completed, but we must not let those things distract us from the truly important things in life.

I’ll be discussing how the seemingly little things are actually pretty key and why we should all take some time to reflect at the end of this year. No matter what happened to you in 2020, I want to encourage you to end the year by assessing your blessings and your impact.

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What You'll Learn In Today's Episode:

  • An important holiday reminder.
  • What this year has taught us.
  • Why it’s important to reflect.
  • What you can do to reach out to others this season.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Think about what’s important to you and how resilient you are. You can be thrown a massive curve ball and you can pivot.” - Jonathan Bednar

“Think about that one thing you want to do next year, and that’s going to be your goal.” - Jonathan Bednar

“Take some time to rebuild your mindset so that when 2021 kicks off, it’s game on.” - Jonathan Bednar

Resources In Today's Episode:

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