Our Money Desires

Our Money Desires

To be in hell is to drift; to be in heaven is to steer.” While this George Bernard Shaw quote can be applied to many areas of life, perhaps nowhere is it truer than when it comes to issues around personal finance. 

Money is without question a central issue in everyone’s life. We need money to pay our bills, take care of our families, educate our children, support our communities, reach our goals, and fund our retirement. But none of us wants to think about money all the time. We’d rather spend time on the other things that matter; our families, friends, careers, and hobbies. 

When we create the right financial plan, follow it, and adjust it when necessary over time, money can fade into the background where it belongs. 

As a firm, we desire two things for all of our clients. The first is roots to keep them grounded in the investment decisions they make and the other is wings so they can freely pursue the things they value most. 

The “Partners” in Paradigm Wealth Partners not only represents a partnership business but the partnership that each of us builds with our clients too. A partnership that will see them through the ups and downs of their lives. 

What keeps a tree from toppling over in a violent storm? The tree’s strong roots. Your financial plan represents those roots. The storm can be lots of things, some of them good and some of them bad. Some of those things will be within your control and some will be beyond it. 

A new child, a career change, a divorce, a job loss, a recession. All of these can be highly emotional situations to navigate. When we’re in the midst of a storm, we can make decisions contrary to the plans we have carefully created. 

Your partner at Paradigm Wealth can help you weather the storm, guide you in making any necessary changes to your financial plan without scrapping the entire plan. 

Strong roots don’t stop a tree from reaching high and growing tall though. While we want our clients to feel firmly rooted in their financial plan, we also want to give them the tools and confidence to reach for their dreams. Do you want to retire at 40, quit your job and start a business, take a year-long sabbatical from your career and travel the world, go back to school and pursue a new career? 

Those things may seem scary at first, something many people dream of but don’t actually try to achieve because they think they’re at best unrealistic and at worst, flat our impossible. 

But with the right financial plan, all of those things and more are possible! When you make the money, you work so hard for work just as hard for you, all things are possible. 

At Paradigm Wealth Partners, we want to help you Create the Life You Love™. We work with clients who have just started their first job and want to create a long-term plan to those well into retirement and those at every stage in between. 

What goes into a financial plan? We help our clients with things like:

  • Growing an emergency fund
  • Creating a debt repayment plan
  • Credit score review
  • Employee benefits review
  • Charitable giving planning
  • Retirement investing
  • Account rebalancing
  • Insurance planning
  • Social Security planning
  • Long-term care analysis

We have created a series of bespoke tools that help build real partnerships between us and our clients. Your Paradigm Partner wants to understand your goals, your life, your fears, and challenges. Tools like our S.M.A.R.T.-Goals Worksheet help us create an individualized financial plan for each client. And it often helps clients to better flesh out their financial and life goals. 

Our Annuity Review Checklist will help annuity owners and those considering purchasing an annuity. Those considering purchase will find definitive answers to all of their annuity related questions and those who already own annuities will come away with a clearer understanding of their contract.   

At Paradigm Wealth Partners, we have devoted our careers to all things financial, but we never lose sight of the fact that for many people, money is a source of anxiety. Are you doing the right thing? Are you even sure what the right thing is? And we don’t judge the past financial decisions you’ve made. We’re not here to judge. We’re here to work with you to demystify money. It’s all in the planning. 

At every stage of the process, we will make sure you have the tools, the knowledge, and the confidence you need to stay rooted and to grow wings.

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No strategy assures success or protects against loss. Investing involves risk including loss of principal.


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